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What Types of Programs will Ali’s Hope Consider?

• Programs must focus on adolescents and/or young adults (up to age 26).
• Programs that fund case workers and/or transition services are preferred.
While Ali’s Hope Foundation is open to a range of programs that advance mental health-related goals, the Foundation will give priority to programs focusing on the following:

Screening and assessment: Programs designed to identify young adults at high risk or in need of treatment for mental illness and refer them to appropriate treatment.

Community-Based Education and Support:
Community Education and Support – Education for community members regarding the effects and treatment of mental illness, including evidence-based prevention programs; as well as individual supportive services for young adults in mental health recovery.
Family Education and Support – Programs increasing family members’ awareness about mental health issues; structured education, support, and resources to help families intervene with, seek treatment of, and promote recovery from mental illness.

Transition/Service Navigation: Programs to assist young adults seeking treatment for/in recovery from mental illness by connecting them to resources to help stabilize them and manage their conditions.

Ali’s Hope will not Fund:
The Foundation does not fund programs that:
• Provide private benefits for any grant recipient or affiliated person.
• Attempt to influence legislation or intervene in any political campaign.
• Contribute to capital improvements or capital campaigns.
• Consist largely of general operating support.
• Consist of scholarships, services, or treatment for specific individuals.

How to Apply
The application process involves two parts. The first part consists of submitting a letter of inquiry to Ali’s Hope Foundation prior to the June 1 deadline. If the letter of inquiry is accepted, then an invitation to submit a full grant proposal will be sent to your organization. The full grant proposal must be submitted 30 days after receiving the invitation (the due date for the proposal will be included within the invitation). Grant decisions will be made in August. Grants will be distributed in September.

Part One:
If your grant appeal is consistent with our mission and key interests, then a one-page preliminary letter of inquiry to Ali’s Hope Foundation should be submitted. In the letter please include: complete contact information, a brief organization description, program description, who is to be served by the program, location, and the amount to be requested. Omitting any of these items may delay consideration of your application. We strongly encourage you to submit your letter of inquiry at least 14 days prior to the June 1 deadline; this allows for ample time to resolve any issues that may come up with your letter of inquiry. Letters received after the June 1 deadline will not be considered!

Part Two:
If Ali’s Hope Foundation concludes the letter of inquiry aligns with our mission, the applicant will be notified by mail to submit a full grant proposal. The full proposal should contain the following information:
A completed Grant Proposal Application Form (which can serve as the cover page to the application) along with the following attachments:
• Program Description (limit one page)
• A statement of why support from the Foundation is critical (limit one page)
• History of Organization
• Program Budget
• Budget for Current Fiscal Year
• Financial Statements (two years, include current balance sheet)
• Form 990 (most recent year filed, CD preferred, hard copy accepted)
• Board List
• IRS Determination Letter
• A description of the evaluation component of the program and, for an ongoing program, the results of
past evaluations
• Other grants for which your organization is applying

Grant Proposal Applications must be mailed to:
Ali’s Hope Foundation
Joseph Gallagher, Founder
1015 Terry Drive
Altamonte Springs, FL 32714

E-mailed or faxed copies will not be accepted. The Foundation does not accept or review grant proposals from organizations that have not had an approved letter of inquiry.
While it is important for your proposal to support our vision and mission, that does not guarantee an invitation to apply. Other factors, such as available grant money and other programs under consideration will influence acceptance of requests.

Notice for Prospective Applicants:
By submitting this proposal to the Foundation, you, as the applicant or its duly authorized representative, hereby agree and consent that the Foundation may disclose to any employee, trustee or professional representative of the Foundation, or to other potential funding sources or their representatives for possible collaboration, this proposal and all supporting materials which have been or will be submitted in connection therewith, including but not limited to the applicant’s letter of inquiry.
If you have questions about submitting a proposal, please call us at 321-304-4016 or send an email to

Post-Grant Requirements:
During the time for which funding is granted, the following requirements must be met. Failure to do so will generally result in denial of further Foundation support and, in serious cases, possible demand for return of the sums granted:

1. A report on the program’s progress and how the grant was utilized must be submitted 10 months after the notification of the grant. Minimally, this report shall include:
a. Demonstration of ongoing monitoring of the program.
b. Evaluation of program outcome inclusive of whether and how objectives have been achieved and the impact of the program.

2. Demonstrated ongoing efforts, if applicable, of obtaining other sources of funding.

3. Timely notification to the Foundation should circumstances require the applicant to terminate the program, and an accounting of the funds granted by the Foundation. Organizations and programs primarily serving Central Florida young adults are eligible to receive grants from Ali’s Hope Foundation.

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