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Listen to the Let’s Get Real! podcast episode: Don’t Be a Jerk! featuring Ali’s Hope Foundation

Bullying is experienced by 1 out of every 5 teens. That’s why the LMHS Student Wellness Task Force is encouraging students to avoid being “a jerk”. We aim to let people know they are not alone when dealing with bullying. In this episode, task force members discuss what a bully is, effective ways of dealing with bullying, and the bystander effect. We encourage students to treat others with kindness and stand up against mistreatment in the appropriate way.

Listen to the Let’s Get Real! podcast episode: Breaking the Stigma! featuring Ali’s Hope Foundation

Often, you may find yourself in situations where acquaintances, friends, or even family are looking to discuss something that has been heavily on their minds. We may not always know how to handle these discussions, which is 100% normal. However, we may give a form of “advice” or “reassurance” that does more harm than good. In today’s episode, task force members focus on breaking the stigma around the constant need to be in a positive mindset, also known as toxic positivity. We discussed what it might sound like and included a strategy to prevent you from giving it to others.

Listen to the Let’s Get Real! podcast episode: Anxiety: The Internal Battle! featuring Ali’s Hope Foundation

Sometimes, the butterflies in our stomachs turn angry, representing anxiety. Most people struggle with anxiety at some point in their life. Here, we offer many options for recognizing and dealing with anxiety, including managing panic attacks. We also discuss the differences between generalized anxiety and anxiety disorder. 

Listen to the Let’s Get Real! podcast episode: Social Media: Distorted Realities! featuring Ali’s Hope Foundation

In today’s episode, task force members talk about the 20th century’s most popular invention: Social Media. They cover topics such as insecurities stemming from social media and the portrayal of a false reality and share personal experiences to help us all better navigate social media.

Listen to the Let’s Get Real! podcast episode: Surviving Summer! featuring Ali’s Hope Foundation

As summer approaches, conflicting opinions about the summer experiences arise. Some find summer as an escape from school and vice-versa. Here, we discuss ways to improve your summer outlook by identifying coping mechanisms such as SMART goals, finding your passion, and conducting self-care routines. Listen to this podcast for some informational tidbits that could change your summer experience for the better. Remember, we are not licensed professionals, so seek professional help if you feel you may be struggling with mental health.

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